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Moisturising Shea Butter

The products we provide from our are smooth, cleansing, and chemical-free, making them perfect for conscious consumers who are trying to find chemical-free alternative cosmetics, for health and beauty.

Body Butter

Rich in Vitamins

Shea butter comes from the shea nuts that grow on West African trees known as Vitellaria Paradoxa, or more commonly as the shea tree. The oil from these nuts are carefully extracted to create shea butter, which is naturally rich in vitamins A, E, and F.

Twice as Smooth

Having travelled all the way from Ghana, our Shea butter is filtered twice to make completely sure there are no shell particles left in the butter. The result is a solid yet smooth, luxurious creamy organic, raw grade A shea butter. Filled with essential fatty acids and the nutrients needed for collagen production, this moisturising butter helps to reduce wrinkles and inflammation, and keeps skin feeling wonderfully smooth and vibrant.

Keeping it Simple

Offered in quantities of 200ml and 500ml (bulk orders are also available), this precious product is unrefined, grade-A shea butter. This means that no chemicals are added, and nothing is taken away from the natural composition of the butter. This butter is not processed in any way – nothing is artificially removed, meaning the product retains its natural smell and properties.

Maintaining Your Skin

Just like our other soaps and products, using shea butter provides a wealth of benefits. Some of these include:

— Nourishing the Face, Body, and Hair with Required Natural Vitamins, Minerals and Fatty Acids
— Reducing the Appearance of Stretch Marks
— Softening Chapped Lips
— Improving the Health of Skin
— Providing a Natural Form of Sun Protection
— Forming the Basis of Some Foundations and Makeup
— Supplying Nutrients Needed by Dry Skin, Scars, and Sun Burn

Try our Invigorating Shea Body Butter

This body butter combines the natural vigour of shea butter with the restorative properties of coconut oil, and many other essential oils that provide benefits thanks to their vitamins and minerals. There are four variations of body butter available in 200ml and 500ml containers, including:

— Lavender, Used to Promote Sleep With Soothing and Calming Properties
— Ylang-Ylang, a Natural Antiseptic Known to Alleviate Eczema and Help Depression
— Lemon Essential Oil, a Stimulating Mix Which Possesses Anti-Infection and Anti-Fungal Properties while Easing Stress, Fever, Asthma, and Insomnia
— Orange Essential Oil, a Detoxifier which Boosts Immunity, Lessens Inflammation, and Has Antiseptic Attributes

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