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Indulge in chemical-free natural Soaps

We offer a range of supplementary products for customers looking for an even greater chemical-free experience. With our shea body butter and African black soap you're free to enjoy a deep natural cleanse with soap made from all-natural ingredients.

Choose a Natural Exfoliant

African Black Soap is produced from the ash of locally harvested African flora and bark such as plantains, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, and shea tree bark. These natural ingredients are dried out before being roasted and added to a mix of other certified organic ingredients such as palm kernal oil and coconut oil. Our palm oil is sustainably obtained and has been independantly audited and found to comply with the globally agreed environmental standards.

This wonderful soap is suitable for use on the face, body, and hair, and is appropriate for all skin types. A natural exfoliant that helps to reduce the signs of aging, this soap improves skin tone, assists in healing skin. Available in solid blocks, our 150g option costs just £3.50, while our 500g offering is an affordable £15.

Handmade Soap with Oil

Enjoy Delicious Natural Lip Balms

We also sell a range of natural lip balms. Available in both chocolate-orange and lavender flavour, these balms are composed of entirely natural ingredients, namely a mixture of shea butter, apricot kernel oil, coco butter, bees wax, and essential oils. The balms we offer provide many health benefits, such as moisturising the skin and lips and providing a natural form of sun protection. These delicious balms are available for £2.99.

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